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LED Flashlights

At Elite Flashlights it is the goal to provide only the best quality LED flashlights available. Catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, cyclists, campers, military, law enforcement or just flashlight fanatics (flashaholics). Whether you are looking for a tactical led flashlight, pocket or keychain flashlight, a good thrower or flood light, everything you find here will contain the best quality components and features as well as being the brightest and most powerful in their class. Also offered are top-quality accessories to perfectly compliment your flashlight such as filters, gun mounts, remote switches, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers. All items will be in stock for immediate shipment within one business day. You will receive excellent service both during and after the sale to include a 30 day no hassle return policy.
Take advantage of the fantastic Flashlight Comparison feature to show your choices in a side by side comparison where you may view technical data and features in an easy to compare chart.
We offer many of the best manufacturers such as JETBeam, NITEYE, Imalent, NiteCore, Sysmax, ThruNite, XTAR, and Sunwayman. Click below or to the left/above to see their different lines of products. You may also choose to Shop By Type and choose from categories such as Tactical, Everyday Carry, High Lumens, Keychain, and Rechargeable.

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