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JETBeam was founded back in 2004 by two talented engineers who turned their love and enthusiasm for LED flashlights into a fully realized dream of bringing innovative, high quality portable LED illumination products to the international market. Over the past 8 years, JETBeam has become a household name for being the best flashlights both at home and abroad through continual refinement of its top notch product line and by repeatedly exceeding the expectations of end users.
JETBeam's passionate designers painstakingly ensure that every product meets their extremely high standards before it is released, giving JETBeam the advantage over its competitors in usability, body strength, aesthetic appeal, and overall performance. For this reason, JETBeam is quickly becoming the preferred choice for high quality tactical flashlights used by many military, law enforcement and aviation personnel around the world, in addition to hunters, mountaineers, search and rescue operatives and security officers.
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