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NiteCore was established in 2007 after identifying a market niche for smaller, more powerful and ultra-bright multimode flashlights. NiteCore’s origins are highly unique, born out of forging alliances with many small niche manufacturers and drawing inspiration from the vast collective of knowledge that exists within online hobby groups and enthusiast forums from all over the world.
NiteCore products have foundations rooted in 3 key principles: engineering perfection, practicality and creativity. By combining these with the high demands of enthusiasts, perfectionists and fanatics alike, a truly unique product line has come to fruition. NiteCore will further diversify its product range to meet the demands of mountaineers, cavers, campers, bushwalkers and cyclists. NiteCore aspires to be a world leader in innovative personal lighting solutions for every single walk of life.
NiteCore products are made to the highest possible standards, with every aspect of every product carefully considered and creatively engineered for end user enjoyment and convenience.
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